Blow Up Your Next Bachelorette Party

Mr. Stud Inflatable Doll

• Full-size inflatable doll

• Eight-inch penis (not a dildo)

• Realistic handsome color face

• Great for bachelorette parties

Some girls can’t stand Mr. Stud. They’re all like, “Oh, Mr. Stud’s just a big dick,” or “Mr. Stud thinks he’s so great but he’s full of hot air.” I know where they’re coming from but that’s not the Mr. Stud I know. 

I first met Mr. Stud at a bachelorette party and I could tell he liked me. (That’s a picture of us together.) Maybe it was the way his eight-inch vinyl pecker twitched when I shook his hand-less arm. Before the night was over, I had given him my phone number. No, he never called, but that’s OK. We really didn’t have a future anyway. Still, I’m looking forward to the next bachelorette party where Mr. Stud makes an appearance.

Where to Buy

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